How we have been helping with IT 支持 for Oil, Propane and Gas companies since 1996

石油, Propane and Gas industry is constantly adopting new digital technology to help streamline internal processes and make operations safer, 更有效率,更有竞争力. 但如果这项技术失败了呢?

威尼斯人注册网址提供可靠的, cost-effective IT 支持 for oil and gas companies to keep your systems functioning 24/7 and eliminate downtime that you can’t afford. 我们的 fully managed IT services include network optimization, 网络威尼斯人注册网址, 业务连续性计划, 文件和文档加密, 远程支持和维护, and live network monitoring so you’ll never have to face an IT emergency alone.

Fuel your company’s growth and protect your profitability with a scalable IT solution from 威尼斯人注册网址 that’s customized to your unique business needs. 你可以依靠我们在IT稳定性、合规性等方面.


我们于2014年秋季加入盈科, 他们向我推销他们对细节的关注, 熟练的员工, 团队方法和响应时间. The real test was when I purchased new business software for our Oil and Propane business. I needed new servers, PC’s and remote access form our 2nd location. I was not used to the accountability from start to finish to make this a successful installation and transition. From the Sales team, management, engineers on, I had expertise and clear expectations all the way. Fantastic communication, attention to detail, clear recommendations and a road map to success.


管理威尼斯人注册网址 ensures your data and information are safe

威尼斯人注册网址 will protect your critical data so you can confidently share private information with trusted partners, 供应商, 承包商, 项目经理和员工.

我们的 proven security solutions are highly cost-effective and quick to set up, from firewalls and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) for remote job sites to managed antivirus and malware. We also include regular updates and ongoing maintenance to help you minimize threats and vulnerabilities over the long term.

了解公司如何将风险降到最低, 是兼容的, 改善你的威尼斯人注册网址姿势.

威尼斯人注册网址 will help keep your 石油/丙烷/天然气 company competitive, stable and reliable

威尼斯人注册网址 will streamline your IT systems and infrastructure to improve your company’s efficiency, 效率和灵活性. 我们保证您的网络可靠性, 标准, 灾难恢复, 云备份, data encryption and business continuity are in alignment and performing optimally at all times.

我们的 proactive 24/7/365 network monitoring allows us to quickly pinpoint and address any vulnerabilities that can cause costly downtime.

和, our live 支持 and help desk are only ever a phone call away with immediate technical 支持 and assistance for any network or productivity issues that arise.


Working with compliance 标准 is imperative in the oil and gas industry, 这也延伸到你的技术.

威尼斯人注册网址’s effective approach will ensure that you are fully compliant with:

  • 风险评估
  • 网络威尼斯人注册网址框架(NIST)
  • PCI遵从性
  • 威尼斯人注册网址培训
  • 软件应用程序
  • 数据及工作流程
  • 异地备份和业务连续性
  • “MFA”多因素认证/用户访问
  • 审计
  • 州/联邦法规


Reliable technology infrastructure managed by an IT company that knows the oil and gas industry is essential for your business to grow and prosper. 威尼斯人注册网址 can help you drive down costs and improve operational efficiency by optimizing the following:

  • 合规性(州和国家)
  • 电子邮件加密
  • 灾难恢复/业务连续性
  • 公共/私人无线
  • 车辆/移动集成
  • 威尼斯人注册网址/ VPN
  • 法规遵从性
  • 客户记录
  • 文档管理
  • 电子签名捕获
  • 风险评估
  • Integration from Line of Business Applications into other products like MS Word, Excel和前景, 工资, QuickBooks

We understand that your processes and requirements are vital to making a profit, and we will make sure that your IT “OML” operation maturity level is always in alignment so you can scale with ease.


威尼斯人注册网址 has extensive experience working with oil and gas companies and the specialty software applications you use. 我们可以帮忙安装, 支持, 现场数据采集系统的升级和维护, 地质应用, 地图应用程序, 会计系统, 项目管理系统等等.

We liaise with software vendors on your behalf to ensure you are always getting 最好的 possible return on investment, whether that means running applications on-premise or in the cloud.


  • 添加系统
  • 未达标
  • iWell
  • Ogpro
  • 蓝色的牛
  • 工作中的技术员myQuorum
  • Petroware
  • WolfePak
  • TraxView


To hire 威尼斯人注册网址 was one of 最好的 decisions our 公司 has made. 他们履行了每一个承诺. We have complete confidence in their technical abilities, 他们为我们的IT需求提供的指导和领导能力, 视觉和支持. They are caring, responsive and take accountability for our network and security. We always look to them first when any of our operations our business processes have anything to do with IT.

我们的 澳门威尼斯人注册网站 for the Oil and Propane Industry

威尼斯人注册网址’s certified 支持 technicians have hands-on experience providing IT services to Real Estate and Property Management companies to keep your network and systems running smoothly.


  • 稳定性,正常运行时间和可靠性
  • 威尼斯人注册网址
    • 防火墙
    • 威尼斯人注册网址的VPN远程办公室/工人
    • 风险管理
  • 远程访问
    • 多个地点,远程员工和供应商
  • 一致性和标准
  • 预算编制(1、3、5年计划)
  • 最小化威胁和漏洞
    • Managed Antivirus, Managed Malware, Web Content, 防火墙
  • 业务连续性
    • “RTO”恢复时间目标
    • 灾难恢复和正常运行时间
    • 数据加密(备份)
  • AUP可接受的使用政策
  • Proactive Network monitoring (24-hour operation or weekend shifts)
    • 自动化和补救
  • 响应时间
  • 帮助台
    • 在美国的支持,要本地化
    • 1小时的帮助台响应
  • 专用的网络工程师
    • 商业智能分析
  • vCIO – having that trusted advisor to help with any IT related objectives or issues
  • “LOB”业务应用线
    • 代表你与供应商保持联络和协调


我们的 managed IT services for the oil and gas industry have helped many companies like yours optimize their technology and keep operations running smoothly 24/7.

澳门威尼斯人注册网站 today for either a quick chat to explore your challenges or for a no strings 业务/ IT审计网络.

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多佛NH 603-750-0101


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